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Why Kapilvastu Day – as Global Day ?

Posted by worldamity on November 30, 2009

By Damodar Prasad Acharya

This is the proper time to say with pride that Buddha was born in Nepal not in India. Truth cannot be changed. But, the India is trying to create an illusion that the Lord Buddha was born in India. Released about a year ago, an Indian movie “Chandani Chok to China” has focused on the same illusion in that story. The movie was banned in Nepal with the pressure of some political parties and the outburst of the people. Finally, as a result of pressure, the Indian film producer has apologized on his wrong doing in the movie.

After that, few months ago, some news medias have highlighted a news about India is building a replica of Kapilvastu, Lumbini (birthplace of Buddha) at Piparhawa, state of Uttar prades of India. It shows the real intention of India, time and again, to make vague propaganda on the matter of Buddha’s birth place.

In my opinion, it is interesting and right time to focus the recent news which is regarding the birthplace of Buddha. On 16 November 2009, Asian Development Bank board of directors approved total $57.5 millions on grants and loans for three nation to develop the tourism infrastructure & services for key tourism sites. After the efforts made by Nepal, India & Bangladesh to take advantage of the tourism potential of their rich natural and cultural attractions, including many of the eminent Buddhist sites of Asia are getting financial support from the ADB to promote the tourism and services.

The world renowned site The Financial has published a news article whereby they stated South Asia as one of the poorer regions of the world but has many renowned natural and cultural attractions, including the world’s highest mountain and the Sacred Garden in Lumbini, Nepal, where Buddha was born, the Rumtek Buddhist Monastery in India’s Sikkim state, and ancient monasteries and temples in western Bangladesh. Countries in the sub-region, including India, Nepal and Bangladesh have formed a working group for collective action to tap the synergies of their complementary tourism sites in order to expand tourism.

In this context, we should not forget to raise our voice and focus on the ongoing invasive activities of India and its direct interference on Nepal. India’s move is clear that it wants to annex Nepal as its state. Thus, it is interfering on Nepal’s political, geographical, social, cultural & religious sectors.

There are lots of reports of border encroachment of Nepal territory by India. As the renowned Nepalese border expert Buddhi Narayan Shrestha reported, India has encroached about 59,970 hectares of Nepali territory at 54 points in 21 districts.

In this painful scenario, after the celebration in 15th June 2009 as global day of action against border encrochment by India, some patriotic Nepalese around the globe are joining hands to protect their pride. Since few months, they are raising the cause of Kapilvastu Day- Global Day on 1st of December 2009. On 1st december 1896 Dr A Fuhrer had found the Ashok Stambha in Lumbini and proved from the stone sculpture that Lord Buddha was born in Lumbini,  Kapilvastu. To promote the cause worldwide, many Nepalese are using some social sites like facebook, Twitter and sharing their views, related photos and the logo of Kapilvastu Day and the concerned activities in news sites. Also formed is a group in facebook named The Birthplace of Gautam Buddha is in Nepal, not India ! Untill 29th November 2009 the group has reached 17,380 members worldwide.

As I have recognized some renowned Nepalese Professors,

Literators, Journalists, intellectuals & high skilled experts are attached in this group. We are encouraging the Nepalese embassies, consulates to join us for solidarity on the causse and also  organising common programmes in various parts in the world as Kapilvastu Day- Global Day on 1st of December 2009. And, we are also calling for solidarity to the international community as slogan “follow the peace and save the world”.

After Indo-Sino conflict of 1962, India has initiated border encroachment of Nepalese territory. It’s illegal border encroachment act is steady. Few months  ago, while Nepalese in Indo-Nepal border areas have been frequently complaining of border encroachment by India, the International Relations and Human Rights Committee (IRHRC) under Nepal’s Legislative Parliament has found a serious level of border encroachment by India in Nepal’s Bara district.

A field study headed by the Committee’s Chairman and Constituent Assembly  Member Nabindra Raj Joshi three days ago has revealed that India has encroached Nepal’s border by destroying 264 border pillars out of 685. And Chairman Joshi informed that India has erected buildings in Nepalese territorry too.

After the election of hostorical Constituent Assembly, the CPN Maoist became a largest party in Nepal’s politics, New Delhi has been amazed with the result. Because the result was unexpected to India and also Nepalese parliamentary parties. In the context of internal conflict and affecting by CPI Maoist in as many as 20 states in 28 states across the India, It has extreme fear from uprising popularity of UCPN Maoist in Nepal. Thus, India’s doctrine of expansionism and imperialism is being threaten.

In the perception of  threat upon it’s doctrine, India begins to interfere directly in Nepal against UCPN Maoist led government in different topics. When Nepal’s Maoists tried to resist direct Indian interference in appointing temple’s priest and Army Chief, India has been openly exercising to re-consolidate in its favour the Nepal-based non progressive political forces servile to it from a long time.

The series of uprising India’s direct intervention in Nepal, about two months ago, China has announced that if anyone interfere in Nepal internal affairs then it provides any kinds of help to the Nepalese people including arms. It comes during the tension between India and China about resuming territorial border dispute of Arunachal Pradesh.

After the announcment of China, about  a months ago, Indian supersonic fighter plane was seen first time over the Nepalese territory. Recently, in the last week of November also many Nepalese news medias have reported that Indian supersonic fighter plane fly in Nepalese sky second time for three consecutive days over Rolpa & Salyan district. The people of that areas are frightened as media reported.

Except these illegal acts, there are news highlighted by some Neplaese media that India has also directed to Nepal that the new constitution should be drafted against the willingness of UCPN Maoist. It is not a matter and interest of India, but a matter and interest of Nepal and Nepal only. What kind of constitution is needed for peace, progress and prosperity of New Nepal, only Nepalese have the right to decide their own fate, not India. It is really shameful and ironic that India is known as world largest Democracy who has no respect for other’s Democracy, Liberty, Fraternity and social justice.

In conclusion, everyone believes from these acts of India that it threatens transparently to the Nepal’s sovereignty and independence. Given the critical circumstances of the nation, India faithful NCP UML Prime Minister Madhab Kumar Nepal led government, is tightening his lips on the topic of national sovereignty and invasive acts of India.

Finally, indeed, we believe that if Kapilvastu Day is celebrated as a Global Day elsewhere then it would be a small lesson for India to make correction for spreading illusion and wrong doing.

29 November 2009

Leuven, Belgium

3 Responses to “Why Kapilvastu Day – as Global Day ?”

  1. contoveros said

    At least three states in America’s “deep South” lay claim to the birth of Andrew Jackson, the hero of America’s War of 1812, as well as one of our greatest presidents. (His picture is on the $20 bill.)

    It comes as no surprise to me that if we can’t get it right in less than 200 years of history, how can people in other parts of the world do it in over 2,000 years.

    I will support your position and help proclaim Nepal as the birthplace of Buddha. The commemoration date, December 1st, by the way, is also my birthday.

    Thanks for the insight into history and the information of a great country.

    michael j
    Conshohocken, PA of USA

    • Dear Michael j
      Conshohocken, PA of USA

      I would like to heartly thanks for your kind support on the matter of birthplace of Buddha is in Nepal, not in India.

      As I learned of your thoughts, your views are praisable. As you commented in my views which is inspired me towards step forward.

      With sincere regards
      Damodar Prasad Acharya
      Leuven, Belgium

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