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Discussion Programme in Vancouver to mark Kapilvastu Day

Posted by worldamity on November 30, 2009

Source: Sanjay Regmi  and Bhanu Poudyal

A discussion on Kapilvastu day was held at Cafe Kathmandu, Vancouver. The topics focused sharing what was known about Buddha and Kapilvastu, the Indian viewpoint and the world’s perception about Buddha and Nepal as the Buddha’s birthplace. The meeting lasted an hour and half and came to the following conclusion:

1. Buddha could be one among many focal points of Nepali national unity and the symbol transcends politics and ethnicity.

2. Kapilvastu day should be an apolitical event and care should betaken that the issue remains unpoliticized throughout.

3. A research was needed to be done on Buddha and Kapilvastu and results compiled into an accessible form, perhaps a webpage.

4. The initiation of Kapilvastu day has to be done through interested individuals through the world.

5. There is a need for a non-profit organization to take the lead and organize all Kapilvastu day enthusiasts into one entity so that all efforts are consolidated.

The action plan of the meeting follows:

1.    Distribute flyers in monasteries around Vancouver to increase awareness.

2.    Volunteering for a house party on Buddha Jayanti and persuading others to do the same.

3.    Persuade local community bodies to include a speech contest on Buddha and Kapilvastu on every New Year party program.

4.    Celebrate Dec 1 by creating awareness among friends and with a Deepavali at homes.

5.    The initiation and celebration of Kapilvastu day could also be organized collaboratively through interested diasporic individuals and organisations throughout the world.

6.    Be a part of the Kapilvastu day facebook page.

Abi Sharma and Sanjaya Regmi played important role for making the programme a success.

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