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Be a light in yourself

Posted by worldamity on December 3, 2009

(On the ocassion of Kapilvastu Day)

Sanu Ghimire,  Australia

In the world where war has hoofed like a plague

holding a firebrand of peace in your hand

Muttering the rhymes of non-violence taught by you

Trampling along the roads of humanity guided by your hand

and strivings hard to resuscitate

The dormant wisdom almost forgotten in human soul

This transcendental sermon of yours I repeat,

Be a light in yourself

Mankind, driven crazy by the transient opulence that lasts no long,

Mankind, being painted with the stroke of comfort and material prosperity,

though inside they squirm in pain with their tormented heart

so I ask let’s congregate together and search

your prayer and your recitations

Let’s plant them in our heart and cry

Be a light in yourself

A heart thirsting for eternal redemption of soul

A heart questing for requital for an unreturned love

You say let a distilled river of unconditional love flow hereafter

Lets yourself be drenched and let others drench.

In the cesspool of pains caused by sorrows

Do not linger on drugged by boundless passions

You the one unperturbed in the repose of a sage

That unexpressed tunes of your un-fluttering eyes

Be a light in yourself 

You who dissent the worship of stone gods

You who preach others to be the slave of our own the inner being

While spilling the sermons of what is being religious?

You show us the path of eternal redemption

Spurning all kinds of heretic beliefs

I determinedly advocate for purification of your soul

and I am desperate to trace out your footprints

O envoy of peace! O Buddha, the wisdom in yourself!

O designer of human hearts! O the Cosmic Soul!

Those golden formulae that you have produced

those endless mantras that you handed down

I shall repeat again and again

Be a light in yourself

Be a light in yourself

Translated by Rabindra Poudel

One Response to “Be a light in yourself”

  1. contoveros said

    I feel the longing from Love to intercede and conquer all of life’s sorrows, sufferings and . . . alas, it’s stupidity.

    Enlighten. Awake. Arise.

    Now that I have stretched out, I feel better.

    Thanks for your post. It is inspirational.

    michael j

    Conshhohocken, PA USA

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