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Global Kapilvastu Day Programmes in North America

Posted by worldamity on December 6, 2009

Source: Bhanu Poudyal, Canada

Nepali compatriots in North America celebrated Kapilvastu Day organizing several programmes. Patriotism and Nepali expatriates’ yearning for territorial integrity, peace, social justice and equitable distribution of means of production were clearly expressed in these programmes.

People in Greater Toronto Area have made two groups to maximize output of activities organized to Mark Kapilvastu Day. One team was involved visiting temples and churches to disseminate information related to Buddha and Kapilvastu on Sunday, November 29, 2009. Another team was involved in visiting Buddhists temples in Brampton and Mississauga and organizing interaction programme in Buddhist temples and handing information leaflet over monks and other concern people on December 1, 2009. Interaction programme at Mississauga was chaired by Honourable member of Constituent Assembly Bhikkhu Ananda.

Bhikkhu Ananda appreciated the efforts made by Nepali expatriates and the team involved in Greater Toronto Area and emphasised requirements of coordinated efforts from all sides including government of Nepal and diplomatic mission around the globe to promote Kapilvastu, Buddha’s teaching and Nepali national sovereignty and territorial integrity. Other speakers of the programme were PNEFA General Secretary Chandra Rai, Subas BK, Govinda Siwakoti and Jhalak Poudel.

An interaction programme was organized in Vancouver on November 29, 2009 to mark Kapilvastu Day. Every participant in the programme coordinated by PNEFA president Abi Sarma has spoken on Buddha and Kapilvastu. The meeting in Vancouver came to a conclusion that

  • Buddha could be one among many focal points of Nepali national unity and the symbol transcends politics and ethnicity.
  • Kapilvastu day should be an apolitical event and care should betaken that the issue remains unpoliticized throughout.
  • A research was needed to be done on Buddha and Kapilvastu and results compiled into an accessible form, perhaps a webpage.
  • The initiation and celebration of Kapilvastu day could also be organized collaboratively through interested diasporic individuals and organisations throughout the world.
  • There is a need for a non-profit organization to take the lead and organize all Kapilvastu day enthusiasts into one entity so that all efforts are consolidated.

Vancouver meeting has also adopted following action plans

  • Distribute flyers in monasteries around Vancouver to increase awareness.
  • Volunteering for a house party on Buddha Jayanti and persuading others to do the same.
  • Persuade local community bodies to include a speech contest on Buddha and Kapilvastu on every New Year party program.
  • Celebrate Dec 1 by creating awareness among friends and with a Deepavali at homes.
  • Be a part of the Kapilvastu day facebook page.

The proceedings of Vancouver meeting was prepared by Sanjaya Regmi. On same day Lama Pema at Thrangu Vajrra Vidhya Buddhist Associaton, Vancouver had his sermons specially focused on Kapilvastu and Lumbini.

Nepalis Student Association at UBC under leadership of President Umesh Phuyal , Kusum Poudel and Alice Poudel has disseminated information at University of British Columbia.  Nityananda Khanal and other friends in Saskatoon have distributed leaflets in University Campus and some educational institutions in the city. Details from interaction programme at Washington DC and Victoria, British Columbia are yet to come.

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