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Buddha’s Birthplace error in Google Maps

Posted by worldamity on March 10, 2010

While searching “birth place of Buddha” in google, we can see the map pointer inside the area of Nepal, but the location description is definded “Uttar Pradesh, India”. Well everyone is aware of the fact that Buddha was born at Kapilvastu

in Nepal and even the pointer is pointed correctly in Lumbini area, but how can the description be written “Uttar Pradesh, India”? This has certainly drawn lots of attention because of wrong information to all the viewers of google maps.

To suggest google Maps Support Team: Click here

Here is another link:

7 Responses to “Buddha’s Birthplace error in Google Maps”

  1. […] Buddha’s Birthplace error in Google Maps […]

    • Gopal said

      I object to this address shown in the picture. it is very offensive to me and all the people from the small countries that are dominated by the powerful countries. in the picture you are showing the place inside the territory as a part of the India yet Nepal is a sovereign country.. you need to correct that immediately …

  2. suman silpakar said

    Nepal is a birth place of buddha.not a chit India

  3. Sushail said

    Nepali is the persons with furiousness of Gorkhali and peaceful like Gautam Buddha. I swear to my beloved mother (nepal) that indians are a witless people with no emotion . How do they feel if thei mother are made to say that thei child is of someone else. My age may be small but I am a son of my beloved mother. We respect Indiia but doing such thing may reasult in nothing but war and fight. I believe that war for peace is peace for war . and another thing I wanna say is that Is Our President, Prime Minister, People sleeping? they know it still they are like I-DONT-KNOW type . if u believe in your mother then it is necessary to raise your your voice .Now loook the Indians are taking advantage Of this …….. MY WISH IS TO TALK TO THE SLEEPIN , UNFAITHFUL PRESIDENT OF INDIA SO i CAN RECALL THE ACTION AND FURIOUSNESS OF MY ANCESTORS IE, GORKHALI…………………….

  4. nepali said

    india sucks

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