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Welcome to Lumbini, Nepal – the birthplace of Buddha

Some Relevant Article Links

Posted by worldamity on March 21, 2010

रामदेब भन्छन भारत गलत भ्रम फैल्याइरहेछ

Evolution of Buddhism and Archeological Excavations in Lumbini by Tara Nanda Mishra

Lumbini the Peace-Shrine and Peace of Pilgrimage By T. R. Vaidya

The Historical Dynasties and Ancient Archeological Sites in Nepal By Tara Nanda Mishra

The Discovery of the Birthplace of the Buddha

Showing the Seeds of the Lotus by John C. Huntington

(Please note in the map Kapilvastu wrongly showed not in Nepal but in India)

Where the Buddha was born: Lumbini, Nepal by B. K. Rana

Lumbini on Trial:  The Untold Story

Life and Teachings of Buddha Some Gleanings

Lumbini’s latest Discovery: the Birth Spot of the Buddha

Ramagram Excavation-IV by Sukra Sagar Shrestha


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