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The Birtplace of Gautam Buddha is Nepal, not India

Posted by worldamity on March 27, 2010

“Where are you from?”, she asked.

“I am from the birthplace of Buddha”, I replied proudly.

“So, you are Indian?” she questioned.

“No, I am from Nepal, Buddha’s birthplace’, I replied.

“But I’ve heard that India is where Buddha was born” she humorously told me looking at my face.

“No, his birthplace is Lumbini, which is in Nepal” I replied surprisingly.

“Is it..?” she again questioned me.

‘Yes. But, some Indians, who envy our traditions and culture, and who don’t like us growing prosperous are making rumors”, I clarified.

She nodded her head.

It was my turn. I asked her, “How do you feel if something you are proud of and actually belongs to you is claimed by someone else?”

“Obviously, I will feel upset”, she continued,”and I will be mad at that person who claims my stuffs”, she said.

“And this is not about just “something” but this is about the “historical figure” whom India claims to have born in their country. So, you understand how we Nepalese people feel about these lame made-up histories?”

“Yes, I do. But, why aren’t you doing anything?”, she told as if she had understood what I meant.

I did not know what to say. I stayed quiet. She probably inferred from my quietness that Nepalese are staying quiet when Indians are claiming Nepal’s assets.

I don’t know whether she believed me or not. But, I felt very bad at this, because Gautam Buddha was not born in India, but in Nepal as we have read, heard or actually seen the evidences in Lumbini, which is in Nepal.
WE have read in several books, seen on the internet and heard people saying several times that India is the birth place of Gautam Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. It’s quiet surprising, and moreover upsetting that people are so ignorant about such a big fact. This is because, India, which obviously have more ‘global reaching’ than we Nepalese do, is creating false rumors, and is attempting to earn Buddha’s birthplace by creating and spreading lame findings.
MOST of the world believes Buddha was born in Kapilvastu, Nepal. However, some Indian people* are making baseless statements taht he was born in Orissa.

However, the reality persists no matter what Indians do to make “lame statements” about Buddha’s birthplace. The whole world knows that Buddha was born in Kapilvastu as evidenced from the pillar found nearby. There are many more archeaological evidences which prove that Buddha was born in Nepal. These people should learn to read history and appreciate the findings of excavations rather than accuse everything as being false. Poor findings supported by illogical arguments does not earn Buddha’s birthplace.
*BUT there are some strong group of knowledge seekers in India, a great percentage of which also believe that Buddha was born in Nepal. Lets not take an opinion of some people and point fingers to everyone who resides there in INDIA.
| NOTE that the sole aim of this group is to spread the truth about Buddha’s birthplace. Infering that this group is a group of people who are against India is totally absolutely against the motto of the group. But, you may infer that this group is against the supression of truth.|

REGARDLESS of the country of your birth or origin, and regardless of the religion you follow, If you think that Gautam Buddha was from Nepal (and don’t like the dominance of a big country over a small one!), join this group!

Your joining the group would be considered as the support for Reality . It will also be taken as your support against dominance of a large country over a small one.
Here is the legal/formal proof about Buddha’s birthplace:


BEFORE you join this group, or post anything on the wall, please note: the sole aim of this group is to spread the truth about Buddha’s birthplace. Yes, we are protesting against Indian claim of Buddha’s birthplace, but we are not against India and the Indian people.

Source: The Birthplace of Gautam Buddha is in Nepal, not India

3 Responses to “The Birtplace of Gautam Buddha is Nepal, not India”

  1. Enwil said

    The main thing Indians are doing is using Adolph Hitler’s Quote which states, “If you tell a lie long enough, loud enough, and often enough, the people will believe it.”

    Yes! They are telling lies long enough, loud enough and often enough so that people all around the world will believe it.

    They have no base of proof and no truth.

    “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”
    – Buddha
    Hence, All the Indians who are trying to hide the truth and make up malignant lies to prove Buddha was born in India will not be able to hide the truth for long as Buddha himself has said.


  2. sirish said

    true…how could d person be so unrealistic dat dey try to change d historical evidence n truth…all world no buddha was born in nepal..buddha just got d enlightment in india..!

  3. Saugat said


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