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PBS Aired the Video “The Buddha” With Mixed Information

Posted by worldamity on April 8, 2010

The PBS in USA aired the Buddha Documentary I part last  night. There were lots of campaigns against PBS suggesting either to stop airing the video or to correct the wrong information about Buddha in the video. Specially the campaigns were concentrated in International Social Network Facebook.  It  is airing II part tonight. It aired  last night with mixed  information. It says both ‘his mother, a queen of small Indian kingdom“, ‘great Indian sage’ and “In Southern Nepal, at the foot of the Himalayas, is one of the world’s holiest places, Lumbini where, according to the sacred tales, the Buddha was born.The campaigners were optimistic with their campaigns as PBS is considered as reputed company, however; due to the time constrain money matter seemed to be more important than the factual information to PBS as well.


One Response to “PBS Aired the Video “The Buddha” With Mixed Information”

  1. A Buddhist in the rustbelt said


    I found the program to be quite interesting and informative. However, I think that where the Lord Buddha was born (either present-day Nepal or India) is not of great consequence. What is important is that millions of non-Buddhists have been exposed to the story and teachings of The Buddha. There is some lack of tolerance to Non-Middle Eastern religions here in the United States, and giving those persons an opportunity to learn more about The Buddha and Buddhism in general can only be considered to be a good thing.

    I do not mean to make light of where the Lord Buddha was born, but in the great story of his life and teachings, maybe some small mistakes can be forgiven.


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