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Finally NRN Decided to Raise Voice Against Fake Lumbini

Posted by worldamity on April 27, 2010

In the process of preparation to celebrate Kapilvastu Day Globally first time on 1st of December, 2009  – with objectives to spread Buddha messages all over the world to enhance world peace, to work together with other organizations working for the peace of the world, campaign to clear all sorts of misinformation among world citizens related with birth place of Buddha – NRN was asked to give their hands. NRN was positive, but could not show its solidarity in the movement. After five months of our proposal to help in Kapilvastu Day Movement, the 1st Task Force Team meeting of the NRNA Task Force on promotion of Nepal Abroad decided to raise voice against fake Lumbini. Under the decision (6) Nepal Promotional Activities of the TFT, these two points are in this issue:

C) Campaign Adoption for Nepal Promotion: Buddha Nepal Campaign

The chair explained members about the Buddha Nepal Campaign. As NRN Korea is going to propose adoption of this as the ICC project, TFT should be ready to conduct this campaign in near future. The meeting decided to support acceptance of “Buddha Nepal Campaign” after the proposal is received by the ICC.

Mr. Roger Adhikari shared that Himal and Buddha are two things are sellable for promotion of Nepal abroad. Nepal’s tourism promotion on the name of Himalayas has so far been successful. However promotion as the Buddha’s birth country is not done much. He urged the NRNA shall bring the interest of people into Nepal through issue of Buddha and Lumbini, the birth place of Buddha.

Mr. Adhikari strongly proposed that the NRN Campaign should include construction of the largest buddha statue in Lumbini with NRNs contribution from all over the world. This can gain much global publicity and hence will promote tourism in Nepal.

All the members supported this as a very good idea for Nepal promotion and the meetingendorsed that TFT will propose construction of the statue as an ICC project.

D) Submission of Gyapan Patra

Members shared the idea that Nepalese government should make policy to promote Nepal through publicizing that Lumbini the birth place of Buddha is in Nepal. Activites in India to claiming Buddha’s birth place to be India has drawn serious concern over Nepalese community all over the world. Recent news uncovered that a fake Lumbini and Tilaurakot is being construced in India nearby the Nepal India boarder. However the government of Nepal is not taking any significant action regarding this matter. It is shared that Private sectors, government, NGO and every individual Nepali shall involve in publicity of Budhha’s birth place in Nepal.

The TFT decided to propose ICC issue an NRNA letter of memorandum (Gyapan Patra) to the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation and to the Prime Minister, urging the government to take necessary action to protect Nepal’s pride and heritage from the wrong information and propaganda taking place.

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