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Buddha Jayanti Preparation Committee (Taiwan)

Posted by worldamity on May 17, 2010

Nepalese people living in Taiwan are going to organize “Buddha Jayanti “in Taiwan. This program is going to be organized jointly by the Kapilvastu Day Movement Global Committee (KDMGC) and the Non-Resident Nepali Association-National Co-ordination Committee (NRNA-NCC), Taiwan.   Kapilvastu Day Movement Global Committee member Dr. Hari Kumar Shrestha put this agenda in the meeting of the NRNA-NCC, Taiwan on March 28, 2010,  and most of the participants were very interested to celebrate “Buddha Jayanti” to explore the birth place of Buddha worldwide. Now, therefore,  a committee is formed the “Buddha Jayanti Samaroha Tayari Samiti” on May 2, 2010 under Mr. Sonam Sherpa’s leadership. The committee is constituted as follows:

1. Sonam Sherpa (Coordinator)

2. Kapil Adhikari (Member)

3. Karsang Lama (Member)

4. Dev Gurung (Member)

5. Naresh Gurung (Member)

6. Nono (Member)

7. Phurba Sonam Sherpa (Member)

8. Binod DC (Member)

9. Raju Gurung (Member)

10. Hari Kumar Shrestha (Member)

After committee formation, a meeting was organized at POTALA, Taipei on 15th of May and came with the following decisions:

1. Lord Buddha Jayanti will be celebrated at a Nepali Buddhist Temple, Inka, Taiwan on 27 May 2010. Buddhist Lama will be invited in the program for PUJAPATH. Mr. Sonam Sherpa and Mr. Mingma Sherpa are designated as responsible person to invite them.

2. For preying Buddha, the committee will purchase some PUJA SAMAGRI; prepare poster/cards about Buddha Jayanti for distributing to about 1000 people. In addition, during preying time, the committee will put Nepali National Flag as well as Buddha Religion’s Flag together. Moreover, the committee will also prepare a Banner in three languages (Nepali, English and Chinese). In English, it will be written as “2554rh Buddha Jayanti, Taipei, Taiwan.”

3. As this day (Thursday) is an official day, many friends may not be available during Puja time. The committee, therefore, we is going to organize a PICNIC programme inviting all friends to join on this occasion at Sansia on 30 May 2010 (Sunday).

4. Regarding food, participants can carry as per their interest and share. Alcoholic and meat are not allowed in the PICNIC.

5. Interested Taiwanese and other foreigners will be invited in the PICNIC.

6. For the PICNIC, Naresh Gurung will donate paper plates, spoons and cups.

7. For preparing posters, the committee will adopt the model prepared by the Kapilvastu Day Movement (KDM) Global Committee with little modification.

8. Possibly, Nepali Cultural Team will perform Nepali songs with lovely music in the PICNIC.

9. Funds will be raised during the programme days.

12. Main contact persons:

a) For 27 May 2010: Mr. Sonam Sherpa and Mingma Sherpa

b) For 30 May 2010: Mr. Karsang Lama (0912890393), Mr. Raj Kumar Ghale (0988715542) and/or Pasang (0952322642).

13. The committee will try its best to publicize the programme by different news media. In addition, the KDM Global Committee will be requested to help to explore our news together with other countries’ Buddha Jayanti Programme.

In the PICNIC participants will discuss about the formation of Kapilvastu Day Movement National Committee.


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