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Kapilvastu: Peace Vs Problem?

Posted by worldamity on May 18, 2010

By Devika Poudel, USA

I have been here in USA for 5 years working as photographer and during my stay in this country I have seen lots of Buddhists from all around the world most of the days. During my communication with them I realized that even the Buddhists do not know the real birthplace of Gautam Buddha and it gave me unexpected surprise. When I was in Nepal I had thinking that Nepal is famous in the world because of Gautam Buddha and Mt. Everest. But from my experience here in USA, I am forced to remember Bhupi Sherchan’s poem. This is so sinful to us.

One day I met 75 years old lady. She came to make some photo prints in my work palace. Her nationality was Vietnamese but she has been to America for long time. From her photos I could guess that she was Buddhist and, therefore, asked her whether she was Buddhist. After her positive answer I asked whether she knows the birthplace of Buddha. Her answer was ‘India’. I told her that the birthplace of Buddha was not India, but Nepal. And she explained that many years ago she had been there in India to visit the birthplace of Buddha and for that she flew to Delhi by plane. From Delhi, guide took her to the Lumbini by bus. This hurt me a lot to know what India is doing in the name of Buddha. It seems that India is misinforming the whole world with its full strength. Why? Just to earn foreign currency in the name of Buddha. I explained the reality and informed her that I came from the real birthplace of Buddha – Lumbini, Nepal. Finally she believed me but she was not sure she visited the original Lumbini or fake Lumbini. As Indian guide took her, this must be fake Lumbini.

Recently when I came through Kapilvastu Day Movement Global Committee formation news, I felt so happy and thought that at least we have some Nepalese who really think and struggle for the country’s pride. Again it gave me big surprise when I saw about four dozen published links including International blog, I could not see our so called big and popular medias’ links (Kantipur, Nepalnews, Nagarik, Republica, Nayapatrika, Telegraph, Himal, Mysansar etc). I asked myself, “These so called media also scare of India like our leaders or cannot see any importance of this kind of important issue? Why all of them just behind useless and unproductive news? Is this the standard of Nepali media?”

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