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NEFIN Submitted Letter to the Ambassador of India

Posted by worldamity on May 27, 2010

Date May 27, 2010

Your Excellency the Ambassador of India

Embassy of India

Lazimpath, Kathmandu


Your Excellency,

The India medias in recent years are vigorously and intentionally campaigning to dispute the Buddha’s original birth place Lumbini, Rupendehi District Nepal and the Nepal Federation of the Indigenous Nationalities, together with 275,00,000 Nepalese living in Nepal and abroad, all peace loving citizen of the world and all the Buddhist followers and scholars strongly condemn such unethical activities of Indian medias.

All the scholars, anthropologists, researches, intellectuals and the International religious institutions of the world including India or to be precise, NO ONE ON THIS EARTH   have never disputed the birth place of universal ambassador of the peace,  great human and the great, great and great citizen of Nepal BUDHHA, which is in fact we all know is in LUMBINI, REUPENDEHI DISTRICT OF NEPAL.  Why are the India medias continuously campaigning to dispute Buddha’s original birth place which is Lumbini, Rupendehi District of Nepal ???????????????????????????

India and Nepal have close and good relationship and friendship since many centuries. Such, unethical and irresponsible activities may cause distrust and instability in the friendship between two great neighbors Nepal and India. Nepal and India should be aware and put all the possible efforts to stop such elements and activities prior to it damaging the historical  friendship between Nepal and India.

The Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities and the people of Nepal highly appreciate the government of India and people of India for protecting, preserving Buddhist monuments, sites and promote Buddhist religion in India. No activities should be allowed discredit India’ such great credibility.

On the auspicious day of the Buddha Jayanti , we urge and request government of India and the people of India join hands with the Federation of the Indigenous Nationalities, people of Nepal peace loving people o the world  to spread out the message that BUDHHA IS BORN IN NEPAL BUT NOT IN INDIA.

Rajkumar Lekhi Tharu


Nepal Federation of the Indigenous Nationalities


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