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BCCUK ‘Drugs and Alcohol + Police Recruitment Information Day’

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on July 13, 2010

BCCUK Chairman Mr Kaji Sherpa, through a letter, requesting to help and participate in a program  ‘Drugs and Alcohol + Police Recruitment Information Day’ that is going to be organised on 25th of July, 2010 in Oakfarm School, Chaucer Road Farnborough.

The full content of the letter:
“As we are all aware, we have a continuously growing Nepalese community here in the UK especially in Surrey, Hampshire and Kent. Although, a growing community is a very positive thing to be celebrated, it has also brought new issues that require addressing.

The Hampshire Constabulary and Surrey Police Force have been increasingly aware of the crimes and social problems created by the Nepalese teenagers, who often linger the towns and streets in gangs. There have been several reports of shop lifting, fights and both minor and major crimes. A lot of these issues seem to be centred on drug and alcohol misuse, lack of education, and lack of positive outlet. This is a very serious issue, which needs to be tackled immediately.

The two police forces, Hampshire County, Rushmoor Borough, and Surrey Heath councils have approached ‘The Buddhist Community Centre UK’ with this ongoing problem, and have planned an ‘Information Day’ with hopes of educating our teenagers and parents, whilst also providing support and information regarding drugs and substance misuse. This Information Day will also consist of a segment on ‘Police Recruitment’, helping and enabling anyone interested in joining the police force. All the presentations, advice and talks will be prepared and delivered by a professional body.

Furthermore, there will also be a Tara Dolma Puja to mark the Guru Purnima which is on the 25th. Our very own Venerable Guru Khenpo Vagindra Shila will be there all day to give us his teachings and answer any questions.

To conclude, this day has been organised for our benefit, both as individuals and the Nepalese community as a whole.  This is an excellent opportunity for us to talk to our community head on. Therefore, I would like to encourage all of you brothers and sisters to spread the word about this event and circulate this information.”

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