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Posted by sujanneupane on September 9, 2010

December 1, The Global Kapilbastu Day Movement is neither political

program nor any NGO/INGO’s fundraising program. This is a self motivated program organized after long discussion among different people via different online medias and famous social sites to eliminate the illusion to the world over Nepal Born Lord Buddha, from the people who are being misinformed by specially Indian travel blogs, their medias, writers and film producers. Of course this is the program to send the peace message to the world via internet from the people of Lord Buddha’s country.
Please see an example of misinformation made by an Indian website on and the fact (that real birth place of Lord Buddha was Nepal which was already proved by UNESCO) on

For what it’s worth?

Considering upcoming event ‘Visit Nepal Year 2011′ we Nepalese people living in different nations decided to set a program in the name of world famous Nepali Icon The Lord Buddha as there are millions of Buddhist people all over the world and Nepal is becoming not only a famous destination for adventurous activities for the tourists from the different corners of the world but also it’s in the way to become one of the top destinations for the religious travelers.
But unfortunately, still there is an illusion in the western society and even in some of Asian communities that The Lord Buddha was born in India not in Nepal. India is continuously attracting Buddha lovers to its land, misinforming them about Buddha using its big sized media houses, worldwide travel operators, writers and moviemakers. They are just getting benefit from the people who were supposed to travel Nepal as the birth place of such a great person.

How the people are self motived?

As part of preparation of this great day most of the internet using Nepalese all around the world are doing their best to spread the peace message by posting the facts about Lord Buddha to their personal blogs, websites and different social sites and letting their friends from different nations.
Please visit this link for daily updates of recent activities. Now the Kapilvastu Day movement has formed a Global Committee and other regional Committees in different countries.

Still some people are thinking this is a political activity and some are asking money for every post they make on their pages on social sites.
Once again, this is not a political party’s program and it is not set to collect money so please please keep posting something about The Buddha on your social site pages, websites and different online/paper/audio visual medias. Your each word can inform the world the facts about Buddha and Nepal.

We humble request you to share us those things misinforming the Birthplace and other reality of Buddha in your place. Please send those photos and web links to our address and help us to give the right information about Buddha to those misinformed people.

Sujan Neupane
Kapilvastu Day Movement, Global Committee (Australia Co-Ordinator)

Note: it’s my edited article. (originally written for last year’s program)


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