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The Greedy Buddha?

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on December 4, 2010

[This mail was received by mail and requested to circulate. And thought could have meaning to post and posting the received mail without edit]

Dear proprietor,

I was passing through Wandsworth Bridge Road in Fulham recently and to my horror my wondering eye fixed on to something so appalling, which was the name of your restaurant, “Greedy Buddha”. I am a Buddhist myself, and like millions of other Buddhists all around the world who worships Lord Buddha and follow his sacred teachings, I was shocked and saddened by your insensitivity and sheer audacity to choose a name for your restaurant that insults all Buddhists. I am sure whoever the imbecile came up with this name thought that this is a cool and hip thing. But if anyone who has an ounce of knowledge on this great religion and its master would know how wrong and appalling this is. The truth of the matter is that the basic Buddha’s teaching is based on giving up all worldly pleasures and materials, and finally reaching the ultimate bliss of Nirvana. The Buddha is someone who conquered the world giving up all desires including greed and lust. A religion that began 2570 years ago in India and is still growing in popularity by the day in this materialistic obsessed world is by all accounts phenomenal, but for anyone to interpret that in to something so vile and cheap as your restaurant name, I find it nauseating and heart breaking.

For us Buddhists, the Lord Buddha and his teachings are quite sacred and we revered them all throughout our lives. We hold them in a very high place in our hearts and minds. So for us to see his life and teachings being mocked for the sake of financial gains is quite disturbing. We as Buddhist today all over the world are fighting a losing battle to save the Buddha’s image from being exploited and used in an offensive and demeaning manner without any regard whatsoever to those millions of people who worship Buddha and our religion. This irresponsible attitude is mostly due to ignorance. I am sure you wouldn’t use the name Allah or Jesus Christ in this manner as we all know the repercussions will be quite drastic. I think this is mainly because Buddhists are regarded as passive, peace loving and non-confrontational people, and thus always being taken for granted. In Buddhist temples and in our homes, a statue of Lord Buddha is placed up in a higher place and we offer flowers and worship and pay homage every day, so to see Lord Buddha’s image being used in a such a callousmanner is not only quite demeaning but also sacrilegious.

On behalf of all Buddhists, I appeal to you that you change this tasteless name of your restaurant. Please show some sensitivity those who have different beliefs to you. I would also contact International Buddhist Council on this as this will certainly be an issue to them. Out of respect to all Buddhists, please change this offensive name.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Mr. Pandula Ranatunga


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