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Kapilvastu Day Movement Tourism Year Banner

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on December 30, 2010

The most important responsibility for Kapilvastu Day Movement is to promote Lumbini as pilgrimage and archaeological tourism destination for World Buddhists and followers of new age faith. Kapilvastu Day Movement activities in promoting Lumbini and its surroundings including Tilaurakot and Devdaha would help government of Nepal in implementing its strategies in exploring of new tourism market segments and marketing Nepali destinations on regional markets.

Government of Nepal has set target of increasing number tourists visiting from non-SAARC nations from current level to one million per year. Existing situation must change to if Nepal wants some of the wealthiest people spend their vacation in Nepal. Lumbini can be one of the key attractions that help meeting goals and hence Kapilvastu Day Movement needs to play double role in Nepal Tourism Year 2011.



One Response to “Kapilvastu Day Movement Tourism Year Banner”

  1. Hari Kumar Shrestha said

    la dherai ramro lagyo hai you banner ta

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