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Indian grand design to build duplicate Lumbini in vain

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on March 15, 2011

Indian efforts to substantiate the birth of Lord Buddha in India by constructing similar duplicate Lumbini in Aligadhawa of Uttar Pradesh have gone in vain.

The recent discovery of the contemporary town of Buddha’s time in Tilaurakot of Kapilbasto by a research team of UK Durham University has thrown cold water on India’s ploy to claim the Light of Asia as belonging to India. The Archaeologists led by Professor Robin Coningham have come up with the findings that there lay remnants of palace, four-land road, city, orchard among others under the earth in the present birthplace of Gautam Buddha.


Duplicate Lumbini site being constructed by India in Aligadhawa, Uttar Pradesh

The excavation will further shed light on the date of the Buddha’s birth, the origins and development of this major world pilgrimage site, anticipated the research team.

“This project offers a unique opportunity to investigate some of the earliest developmental phases of one of the world’s great religious traditions, and will introduce new scientific evidence into the debate surrounding the date of the Buddha’s birth,” said Professor Coningham.

3 Responses to “Indian grand design to build duplicate Lumbini in vain”

  1. Nepali FM said

    sale chor dhoti haru laai thikka paryo..

  2. manan said

    chor pakhe indians!!

  3. hancy boy said

    indians suck my ass!!!

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