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An Interview with Agni Frank Eickermann and Domo Geshe Rinpoche

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on May 11, 2011

Domo Geshe Rinpoche

On the occasion of 2555th Buddha Jayanti and the first Anniversary of Kapilvastu

Agni Frank Eickermann

Day Movement, KDM is presenting an interview with its two Advisors Agni Frank Eickermann and Domo Geshe Rinpoche. On behalf of Kapilvastu Day Movement Ram Kumar Shrestha took this interview with them.

Agni Frank Eickermann: Founder: Chateau Amritabha, Riebeuvillé, France. Author of 11 books, some translated in English, German, Swedish, Chinese, Russian, Dutch, Italian, French and Spanish. Founder: Spiritual Teachers Training with more than 300 teachers worldwide. Founder: Alpha Chi Consultants (1200 Feng Shui Consultants on 5 continents). Founder : “Path into Light”, conducted in 39 countries. Founder: over 100 Light-Center in 50 countries and all continents. Speaker: Spirituality, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Feng Shui, Management solutions, Golden Age.

Domo Geshe Rinpoche. Tara WangchukSpiritual Director, White Conch Dharma Center. Rinpoche is considered to be a reincarnated Tibetan high lama of the Geluk order.  Her healing-related talks are accessible Western interpretations of Tibetan Buddhist teachings on how to achieve spiritual and emotional wellbeing. She is also theFounder and Director of the Tibetan-American Friendship Foundation and Tibetan Resettlement andProject Coordinator for the largest community of Tibetans in the U.S.

RKS: Millions of people from all over the world from different religious background also accept Buddha and Buddhism. What could be the reason behind this?

AF Eickermann: Buddhism is more recognized as world peace movement then as a religion. There is no structure of hierarchy in Buddhism making it very modern. Enlightenment is the way of everybody.

DG Rinpoche: The gentleness that comes from steady Buddhist practice appeals to most people. Because there has never been a war or deep conflict over Buddhism, it is approachable to all who care for this entire world and not just their own country.

RKS: What do you think Buddhism is: religion or philosophy? Why?

AF Eickermann: Buddhism is as well religion as philosophy. It is religion because it is reminding us of our roots. It is philosophy because it needs no believe.

DG Rinpoche: Buddhism is a religion because it has the responsibility of preserving the Buddhas teachings for future generations.

RKS: Religion is religion if it unites people, because the basic of every religion is the same – love and respect. People unfortunately are divided in the name of religion. Why is this happening and how we can overcome this problem?

AF Eickermann: It is not the uniting part of love and respect causing the struggle between followers of different religion. It is not religion dividing people, but people who want to benefit from the struggle. It is the wish to overpower others, to manifest own ruler ship what is causing the trouble.

DG Rinpoche: Religion is a personal matter and not a group matter. If we practice superficially, then it is a social cultural practice that includes spirituality. Than comes who is right and who is wrong based on cultural adaptation of Buddhism. Steady daily personal meditation practice will heal all confusion.

RKS: Undoubtedly the world today has become more violent than ever before. And people say that Buddhism is therefore more relevant than before and must be spread as much as possible. Would you agree? How could Buddha’s teachings and techniques help World Peace?

AF Eickermann: World peace seems to be a greater illusion the ever. But it is the opposite. We are far closer to peace then we can imagine. Polarity is how we experience the world surrounding us and this polarity is gaining strength over the year 2011 to collapse in unity short after.

Buddha teaches us not to cling to the world of outer existence but to restore the unity within our self.

Let us turn the wheel of dharma to benefit all beings!

DG Rinpoche: The world is no more violent today than in previous times… perhaps not even as violent. What is the difference? It affects you because you are alive during this period in history and the rest is in dusty books, hardly a cause for personal fear! Of course, the teachings of the Buddha should continue to spread, bringing the message of awakening and the resultant peace to all.

RKS: Buddha is known as the “Light of Asia” and some people claim that he is actually “the Light of the World”. Any comment on this claim?

AF Eickermann: All life is designed to bring us to enlightenment. It is the teaching of Buddha sharing this knowledge with us. It is no matter of race, religion or culture; it is within everybody and designed to awake at the right time.

DG Rinpoche: The Buddha seed was planted in Nepal/India but the full flowering will happen all over the world.

RKS: The Secretary-General of UN underlined that the preservation of Lumbini is important not only for Nepal but for all the countries and people around the world and is interested to work closely with Nepal for the development of Lumbini. China is positive to build Buddhist Circuit around the birthplace of Buddha in Kapilvastu, Rupendihi and Nawalparasi districts to attract Buddhist tourists in Nepal. An Int’l team of archeologists have begun a three-year survey, coordinated by UNESCO of the archeological ruins of Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha in Nepal. To add up different perspective to make all these activities more fruitful, do you have any suggestions as a renowned spiritual person?

AF Eickermann: To celebrate the birthplace of Buddha makes sense as it reminds us to celebrate the birth of light in our heart.

DG Rinpoche: Do not take money for building of monuments with strings attached

RKS: In the end, would you like to say anything about Buddha, Buddhism and the Movement?

AF Eickermann: To speak with the words of Bodhidharma: “All know the way; few actually walk it”. That will change quickly as more and more hearts give birth to the wish to manifest peace. Maybe it is less the form of Buddhism that accompanies the change then the teachings of Buddha awakening as seeds in every heart.

DG Rinpoche: My personal hero is the Buddha, the source of the great river of dharma. However, the great meditators, teachers and sincere students are the living representation of His Great Work.

One Response to “An Interview with Agni Frank Eickermann and Domo Geshe Rinpoche”

  1. Harold said

    This woman who claims to be the reincarnation of Domo Geshe Rinpoche is a fake, con artist and cult leader.

    Please google “Domo Geshe Fraud” and you will see numerous websites that expose her as a total fake.

    Please email the Office of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama at and they will confirm that she is NOT Domo Geshe Rinpoche.

    You can also contact the “Department of Religion” , Tibet Government in Exile at “” who will also confirm this.

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