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3rd Lumbini- Kapilvastu Day Program in Taiwan

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on December 17, 2011

Taipei, Taiwan
December 17, 2011

Dear All,
Kapilvastu Day Movement, National Commee, Taipei, Taiwan and Non-Resident Nepali Association, Taipei, Taiwan is jointly organizing the THIRD LUMBINI-KAPILVASTU DAY PROGRAMME on Dec. 18, 2011. Therefore, we would like to cordially invite you all to participate in the program.

This festival has been celebrating each year in Taiwan also since 2009 after the establishment of Lumbini-Kapilvastu Day Movement Global Committee, and National Committee in Taiwan. The most important responsibility for Kapilvastu Day Movement is to promote Lumbini as pilgrimage and archaeological tourism destination for World Buddhists and followers of new age faith. Kapilvastu Day Movement activities in promoting Lumbini and its surroundings including Tilaurakot and Devdaha would help government of Nepal including Nepal Tourism Board in implementing its strategies in exploring of new tourism market segments and marketing Nepali destinations on regional markets.
In the programme, we will distribute all the materials (maps, leaflets, CDs, posters, etc.) received from Nepal Tourism Board, Kathmandu, Nepal; invitation card to visit the birth place of Buddha (Lumbini, Nepal) to foreigners, well wishers and participants. In addition, we will also share our feeling and happiness in a peaceful manner. If you have any suggestions for the growth and development of Lumbini and surroundings, you could share there. Then, we will compile your valuable comments and suggestions and will send to the Kapilvastu Day Movement Global Committee and Non-Resident Nepali Association-ICC for its action in the future.

Lastly, we would like to kindly request you again to participate in the program. The venue and time are as follows:

Venue: Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall area, Taipei, Taiwan
Time: 4-5pm
Mr. Mingma Sherpa: 0939927201
Mr. Munna Gurung: 0952633735
Mr. Binod DC: 0922428107
Mr. Iche Gurung: 0937197527
Dr. Hari Kumar Shrestha: 0988452517
Lastly, we are looking forward to see you there.

With best regards,
Hari Kumar Shrestha (PhD)
National Coordinator, Lumbini-Kapilvastu Day Movement, National
Committee, Taiwan (Website:
General Secretary, Non-Resident Nepali Association, Taiwan
1. B annerfor the program m e
B. Invitation card
Visit Lumbini Tourism Year– 2012
You are cordially invited to visit the birth place of Buddha
(Lumbini, Nepal) for a pure natural peace.
 Non – Resident Nepali Association (NRNA), National Coordination Council and
 Lumbini – Kapilvastu Day Movement National Committee
Taipei, Taiwan (December 18, 2011)
2012 Lum bini巡禮
時間:2011 年12 月18 日
2 0 1 1 年第三屆倫比尼迦毘羅衛節, 台北, 台灣
T h ir d L u m b in i – K a p ilv a s tu D a y – 2 0 1 1 , T a ip e i, T a iw a n
( L u m b in i – K a p ilv a stu D a y M o v em e n t N at io n al C o m m itte e)
主辦單位/ O rg an iz e r s
(N o n -R e sid e n t N e p ali A s so c iatio n – N at io n al C o o r d in a tio n C o u n c il)
台北, 台灣(T a i pe i , T a iw a n)
2 0 1 1 年1 2 月1 8 日(D e c e m be r 1 8 , 2 0 1 1 )
C . M atarials received from N epal Tourism B oard nepal
D. Birth place of Buddha (Kapilvastu, Nepal)
E. Letter from Jiba Lamichhane (NRNA-ICC, President)
F. Map of Meeting place
Meeting place


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