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Student Letter to British Museum

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 18, 2012

[If  sincere, everybody can do something for the society, country and the whole world according to their level, capacity and minor thing could give unexpected result. So just keep trying and trying. The letter given below is without edit for the information and it was sent by Abhash Adhikari]
To feedback desk,
Dear sir/madam
We are international students from Nepal. When we visited British museum, we were glad to see section 33 of your museum full with statues of Buddha. The only concern is Buddha was born in Nepal but  this museum does not state this clearly. Rather your museum states he was born in east India. Thus we feel it is necessary to give world correct information about his birth place. so we have developed an leaflet about this which is attached with this email. Please download this leaflet as it might not display online.
We would be grateful if we can distribute this leaflet from section 33 of your museum. And in return it would be helpful to all the people in world who believe in buddhism.
yours faithfully,
Nepalese community

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