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Obama visits the Great Buddha in Japan

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on July 15, 2012

[Obama related news that is going to be re-posted here is not new, however; Hilary Clinton related news is new. These news under priority in this blog as these news show that US leaders are loyal to Buddha and Buddhism can play very important role to World Peace in the present world context. Some Buddhists from different countries and Nepalese (as Lumbini, Nepal is the birthplace of Buddha) are sharing and circulating these photos through social medias. And this is Global brotherhood. ]

By David Jackson, USA Updated 2010-11-14 12:48 PM

President Obama is winging his way back to Washington, but not before receiving some spiritual nourishment in Japan.

Obama visited the 44-foot-high Great Buddha statue of Kamakura, returning to a spot he visited when he was 6 years old.

“The first time I was here, I was this big,” Obama said, putting his hand up to his waist.

The copper Buddha statue, constructed in 1252, weighs 93 tons, and is seated in the lotus position, meditating. The statue is a sacred site.

“It is wonderful to return to this great treasure of Japanese culture,” Obama wrote in the guest book. “Its beauty has stayed with me for many years.”

From the pool report by Scott Wilson of The Washington Post:

POTUS walks up a central path lined with pines, other trees, his shirt collar open, toward the Great Buddha. He is greeted by a man and woman in traditional Japanese robes, whom he greets with a handshake and small bow, and tells them he visited years ago. Can’t hear much else.

The Japanese couple are Michiko Sato, director of the Kotoku-in Temple, in cream-colored robes; and, Takao Sato, the 15th chief monk of the temple, in purple robes.

They walk together the remaining 50 feet to the base of the Buddha (you can see why it made a lasting impression on the 6-year-old Obama — it’s enormous, with a lovely green hilltop as background flanked by two trees with yellowing fall leaves.)

The three walk around the site — the Buddha is surrounded on three sides by low, tile-roof buildings.

The three enter what looks like a gift shop, and a few minutes later, POTUS emerges carrying a small bag (pool told he purchased two bracelets for the girls.) Then poses sitting on a bench for some pictures with his guides. He also bought an ice cream bar inside, which he eats while sitting on the bench. Pool told it is the green-tea flavor he has mentioned as a highlight of his childhood visit.

POTUS then walks back to the Buddha, takes a long gaze up at its face, then shakes hands with his guides and walks back toward the entrance and waiting motorcade. In all, about 25-minute visit.

(Posted by David Jackson)


Hillary Clinton Placing Lotus Flowers On A Buddha Statue

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton placing lotus flowers on a Buddha statue at Ho Phrakeo. She is now in Laos, the first visit by an American secretary of state here in 57 years. Photo; U.S. Embassy Vientiane.

@Colombo Telegraph

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