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National flags fly in Lumbini temple

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on November 14, 2012

BHAIRAHAWA, NOV 13 – Nepal’s national flags have been hoisted at the Mayadevi temple in Lumbini for the first time to dispel any misconception among tourists from India and other countries that the Shakyamuni Buddha was born elsewhere. Lumbini, the birthplace of the Buddha, has often seen competing claims from India.

The Lumbini Development Trust (LDT) said it decided to hoist the national flags to make it apparent to tourists that Gautam Buddha was born in Nepal. The LDT had attempted to hoist national flags there earlier, but failed as some Buddhists and political parties stuck their guns to hoist only Buddhist flags there. According to the LDT, it now hoisted the national flags after reaching an agreement with them.

Pralhad Yadav, a Lumbini-based tourism entrepreneur, said visiting tourists often ask them if Lumbini lies in Nepal or India. With the presence of Nepali flags at the Mayadevi temple, tourists will now know that Lumbini is in Nepal, said Yadav.

Hari Rai, information chief at the LDT, said the flags have been hoisted in three corners of the temple while there is a Buddhist flag in the fourth corner.



One Response to “National flags fly in Lumbini temple”

  1. Kishoe said

    I don’t see any problem to flag Nepal National Icon on top of Maya Devi Temple but how of us are there who truly love Buddha’s teachings in practice. It is a sad.

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