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Three year old kid explains why he doesn´t want to eat meat

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on June 11, 2013

Buddhists see the problem of war as a karmic one; the solution is seen as the practicing and teaching of correct ethical behavior. Good deeds lead to good consequences, bad deeds to bad. If we are encouraging war, how can we get a peaceful world? The most fundamental moral precept in Buddhist teaching is to respect for life and the prohibition against taking life. The taking of life not only covers human life but all sentient beings. If we end killing, the world will definitely be at peace. Writing in Physics World, Calvert calculates that the animals we eat emit 21% of all the carbon dioxide that can be attributed to human activity. This suggests that if the whole world becomes vegetarian, the global warming problem will be minimized a lot. Consumption of a vegetarian food can contribute to more peace minded citizens in the world. Peace or war, therefore, is our decision. This kid knows the problem, but we not.

One Response to “Three year old kid explains why he doesn´t want to eat meat”

  1. ksherchand said

    This is a good example you have posted. More than that, here is the biggest example we ever tried to ignore because he comes from a poor, ever neglected caste and yet trying to teach absolutely Maitreya (Loving Kindness) to the entire humanity. This is Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha, aka. Ram Bomjon, Palden Dorje yet popularly known as The Buddha Boy who never eat meat despite his mother tried, never hatred others, never used dehumanizing words against others, always loved all sentient beings, now gave Maitreya Agharsheel (Eleven Precepts) however we try to defame him all the way down to death.

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