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Indian Friends, Do Not Make Everyday April 1st

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on September 8, 2013

india tv show

We are in the 21st century, not stone age. This is epoch of internet, WikiLeaks, and Google. These days, even internet media is dominated by social media. Our deeds and words become our identity. Before acting and speaking, we must think. Otherwise minor mistakes could ruin our identity. As neighbours we always need to be close and for that we must respect each other. India faked Lumbini, Indian ambassador even said Mt. Everest is in India, duplicate Indian Pashmina spoiled our International market. Lots of rumours are frequently created by the Indian side on Buddha’s birthplace. They know this is wrong, yet they are doing it. Misinforming intentionally is a big crime. As neighbours we want everybody to respect India as a honest country. For this India must not make fool of the world through unnecessary rumours. Despite lots of apologies due to floods of voices against their wrong information, India is continuously launching Grand TV Shows misinforming Buddha’s birth place. Indian friends, do not make everyday April 1st.



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One Response to “Indian Friends, Do Not Make Everyday April 1st”

  1. Keshab said

    What, Kabirabedi wants’ to do? It is OK making film on Buddha but should be true. We all know Buddha born in Nepal not in India even “Indian people know Buddha born in Nepal”. Why he is lying and making such a story which is completely based on lie.
    Doing such a things what he will except from Nepal and Nepalese people even Buddhist people who believe on Lord Buddha and believe on true.
    Now we should think about Kabirbedi and his act. I want ask him how he dear making such a film ? Is he guided by Indian government. If India wants good relationship with Nepal they should stop allowing such a base less film.
    Kabirbedi also should think it will worse his image in the world.
    Nepalese people also should teach him Buddha is not jock. It is pride of Nepal.
    Personally I want to say Kabirbedi, you should know “Buddha born in Nepal” not in your cracked (mad) brain.

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