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Even after Bedi Twitter apology, the first “Buddha” serial with misinformation

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on October 20, 2013

By Ram Kumar Shrestha

Buddha_Zee_TVCreating misinformation on Buddha birthplace from Indian side is not a new issue and Buddha born in NepalNepali side is very furious from this kind of regular drama and attempt to take an unnecessary advantage from Buddha’s Global importance. A recent Hindi language television serial, “Buddha” launched by Zee TV Network already frustrated Nepalese by Indian over interference.

In reaction Nepalese did not limit them only in social medias, but also on September 13, staged demonstrations in the streets of Kathmandu against the serial, Nepal Cable TV Association blocked the channel when the new series on the life of Buddha premiered on Sunday (Sept. 8) and which prompted the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu to post hastily the next day, September 14th, on its Facebook wall, “The question of where Lord Buddha was born was settled over 2000 years ago when Emperor Ashoka installed the pillar with his inscription in Lumbini. Buddha was born in Lumbini, which is in Nepal.”  And also actor and TV presenter and commentator Kabir Bedi Twitter apology appeared, “Yes, my friends, I mis-spoke. Forgive me. Lord Buddha was certainly born in Lumbini, Nepal. My apologies to all whose feelings were hurt.” And this issue got space in International papers like Huffington Post and Washington Post as well.

Lumbini-Kapilvastu Day Movement wrote letter to Chairman of Cabinet of Nepal Khil Raj Regmi, however; some Movement activists informed that when they had gone through the serials on line specially the first serial was very embarrassing because of not corrected misinformation. This clearly shows that Movement guess and writing letter to Chairman of Cabinet of Nepal were correct. And wrote another letter to him as our guess was correct and the scenario is changed now. 

Buddha’s one of the most important teachings is not to lie. So taking an advantage in the name of Buddha, our Indian colleagues activities are ruining their reputation by themselves in the whole world because of time to time regular misinformation intentionally on Buddha birth place and as a neighbour we are worried about its this kind of status and would like to suggest to be honest at least on Buddha issue. It is not necessary to mention here proofs on Buddha birth place as your time to time apologies and Indian embassy Facebook statuses after protests against your misguided misinformation could be enough to prove it.

The link of the first serial and this is not allowed to watch on line in all countries.

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2 Responses to “Even after Bedi Twitter apology, the first “Buddha” serial with misinformation”

  1. padam kumar sunuwar said

    mo nepali nepal ko chhoro.hami nepali nepal lai chine kai chhainau.maile gare ko kura sune pade malai pagal bhanchha abujha nepali haru le.nepal ko pani pani bidesi lai dabai hunchha?…..10 tauke rawan ko pak-kai 10 wota tauko thiyo.testai durga mata ko pani 10 wota hat thiyo.nepal ka mat mandir lai padne ho bhane kirati haru ko pala dekhinai jamana anusar ko kitab banayer rakheka chhan teslai padnu jan-nu paryo parasta lekher rakheka chhan.itihas le ke bhanchha.bharat sang santi samjhauta gareko re aafno jamin sababai diyer jabho jange pilar gader pani kasaile desh ko simana ho yo bhaner hunu parne a-k chhoti khaye pachhi jindagi bhar lai puge jasto bho yota.ladai haina bole hamro bishal nepal farkinchha.ani matra desh le kolte ferer yi hamra buddha haru sansar ma chini magthiye ki yo pak-kai nepal ma rahechha bhaner,natra kamputar ko jamana ma dhoti le sansar ka pade lekheka haru lai usko desh ma chha bhan-ne banayi sakeko chha.hernus nepal ko thauko nam googls ma dhito ko desh haner hamro thauko nam han-nus usko desh po dekhaudai chha.hami nepali haru belai ma sachet hunu jaru ri chha.

    • Jigdral said

      I don’t think there is to create such a misunderstanding just because of Buddha serial. It is a very good art for offspring of Buddhist devotee in the future. As per my understanding, the serial doesn’t says that Buddha is born in India or some other place than Nepal. The actor in the show time and again spokes Kapilvastu, which means the show is on going on this place. That makes clear that the Buddha is born in Kapilvastu Lumbani Nepal.

      And one thing we have to know is during the rule of Buddha, there was no such segregation of places. There was no such place called Nepal. Later on because of luck on Nepali generation the Buddha place falls under Country Nepal. On the eye of Buddha, all the places are mother land, all the living sentiments are family and Buddha loves them. What is there to complicate with Buddha birth place. The history and research says that the Buddha was born in Lumbine, Kapilvastu and today this place is in Nepal and preserved by the government and public of Nepal. The line is clear to the entire world.
      I request as a Buddhist that please don’t make the sense of Buddha useless. There is no reason of complication the history of Buddha. Better preserve the place and offer to the new generation Buddhist devotee. There is no reason to fight without reason. The real Buddhist devotee will never mix up the concept. Never commercialize spiritual habitat, it will lead to suffering.

      Namo Amitabha….

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