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Correct misleading message on Lumbini

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on January 5, 2014

Kathmandu, Dec. 28: Stakeholders stressed on need of a concerted effort from all including the government as well as the

Former Minister Deep Kumar Upadhyay recognition by the Movement for his special contribution in the parliament for World Peace City proposal Nepalese residing abroad to correct the misleading messages in textbooks of various countries regarding the birthplace of Lord Buddha.

 The participants of the interaction programme said as the curriculum of various nations are found disseminating wrong message that Lord Buddha was born in the northern part of India, there is a need to dispel such baseless fact from all the textbooks and other reading materials from across the globe.

The speakers, organised by Lumbini, Kapilvastu Day Movement, mainly focused on finding the ways and measures to effectively run the campaign so that wrong publicity about the birthplace of Siddharth Gautam could be corrected.

Speaking at the interaction, Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Ram Kumar Shrestha said it was very sad to know that the Lumbini related stakeholders have to struggle hard to establish the truth about the birthplace of Lord Buddha. Minister Shrestha added that the development of Lumbini was very necessary to dispel such misleading publicity. He said many Indian officials had stated that Lord Buddha was born in Nepal but the wrong publicity had resurfaced owing to some vested interests of some sections in India, the Minister clarified. He said that since the present government was an election government, it could not allocate essential amount of budget in time for Lumbini development.

At the programme, different persons who have worked from their respective place to promote Lumbini in Nepal and beyond

Former Ambassador Kamal Prasad Koiralato Korea recognition by the Lumbini Kapilvastu Dayr Movement for his special contribution to correct Buddha birthplace misconception in Korean books and this is the milestone of the Movement  Former Ambassador Kamal Prasada Koirala receiving honor for his contribution to change Buddha birthplace information in Korean course books

Nepal were honoured by Minister Shrestha. Former Culture Minister Deep Kumar Upadhyay, former Nepali ambassador to South Korea Kamal Koirala and senior journalist of Rupandehi Chetan Pant among others were felicitated with special commendation letters for their important contributions in promoting and developing the birthplace of Lord Buddha.

After receiving the honour, Upadhyay said that the movement from the people’s level to establish the truth about the Buddha’s birthplace is a positive sign that the truth will prevail ultimately. He said that evidences collected from recent excavations such as marker stones and the Ashok Pillar would be enough to justify the fact about Lumbini. However, he said, it was sad that the Lumbini Master Plan had remained incomplete and added that the development process of Lumbini must take pace now. Upgrading Gatuam Buddha airport and connecting Lumbini with railroads could lead to familiarization of the Lord Buddha’s birthplace.

Lumbini Development Trust Member Secretary Ajit Man Tamang said the movement to familiarize Lumbini throughout the world was a praiseworthy step. Nepal as the birthplace of Siddharth Gautam is proved by different findings and excavations and through the descriptions of ancient and modern visitors, Tamang said. ” Now, we must be able to tell the world that the birthplace of Lord Buddha, which many books and reading materials have stated, was in the Northern India, is actually in Nepal,” he said. Mr. Tamang further added that the Lumbini Development Trust required US$ 45 million to complete all the incomplete projects of the Lumbini Master Plan.

CPN-UML leader Ghanshaym Bhusal said that he and his party had supported all the efforts undertaken by the Movement to

Bhikkshu Magar appointed as Peace Ambassador of the Movement Bhikkshu Magar appointed as Peace Ambassador of the Movement

establish the fact about the Buddha’s birthplace. The truth regarding the birthplace of Buddha has been established historically, but the controversy needs to be resolved politically with the Indian counterparts, he said.

Bhikshu Kaudinya said that since international organizations such as the UN and UNESCO had already accepted that the Lumbini of Nepal was the actual birthplace of Lord Buddha, a few elements were active to drag the accepted fact into controversy unnecessarily. “All the stakeholders of Lumbini and organizations and individuals working to promote Lumbini must work in a coordinated manner to dispel all the controversies,” he said.

Kedar Shakya, the SAARC advisor to the Movement, presented his paper in which he had clearly outlined the ways to promote Lumbini and measures to discourage the controversial, misleading and malicious publicity regarding the birth place of Lord Buddha. He later handed over the paper to the Minister.

Courtesy: Narayan Upadhyay

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