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Plan to convert Buddha’s hometown into tourist site

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on February 11, 2014

By Manoj Poudel

KAPILVASTU, FEB 11 – The Lumbini Development Trust (LDT) has commissioned a team to prepare the terms of reference for a master plan to develop the ancient city of Tilaurakot into a tourist destination.

Tilaurakot of Kapilvastu district is believed to be the Shakya capital city where Gautam Buddha lived until he was 29 years of age as prince Siddhartha, before he relinquished the royal luxury to seek spiritual enlightenment. The place is home to various archaeological sites that date back to the time of Buddha.

LDT Vice Chairman Karmasangbo Sherpa, who is also leading the team to prepare the project charter for the master plan, said they were in the final stage of the work. 

After the team has presented the terms and reference, the LDT will publicise a notice for the selection of advisers to take ahead the project. LDT officials said they will coordinate with top level experts and advisers to develop the master plan. “The master plan includes conservation of the archaeological heritages at Tilaurakot to turn the place into a tourist destination and a source of inspiration for Buddhists worldwide. It is high time that we took the initiative,” said Sherpa.

LDT officials are also making preparations for the study to manage land for the proposed master plan and carry out the construction works at archaeologically important sites in the area.

“We will begin the construction works within one or two years after the master plan has completed,” said LDT Manager Temba Sherpa.



One Response to “Plan to convert Buddha’s hometown into tourist site”

  1. ksherchand said

    Hoping to get it done. Many promises simply don’t or did not work.

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