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Until 8th Anniversary

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on December 1, 2017

LKDM Felicitation

On the auspicious occasion of 8th anniversary of Lumbini-Kapilvastu Day Movement we would like to thank you all for your contribution and support. Without you we won’t be here. We have unexpected achievements during this short period of time. This Global Movement institutionalized in 2010 to spread Buddha’s peace and non-violence messages and promote Buddha’s birthplace Lumbini, Nepal all over the world. First time we celebrated on 1st of December 2009.

Major achievements:

  1. Handed over 6 page Research report written to President and Prime Ministers of 7 countries to former Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda to correct erroneous information on Buddha’s birthplace in their text books.
  2. Met Nepali ambassadors to France, UK and Belgium (Facebook link)
  3. Text books with the erroneous information on Buddha’s birthplace were corrected in Korea and Sweden. This was the most prioritized objective of the Movement since we submitted letter to that time Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal in August, 2010. Former ambassador to Korea Kamal Prasad Koirala is the historic person for the Movement as correcting text books with erroneous information started from Korea.
  4. Google corrected its mistake on Buddha’s birthplace in March 2010
  5. British Museum decided to correct Buddha’s birthplace information in November, 2011
  6. Letters to US President Obama were sent twice: the first time when US based shoes factory produced shoes with Buddha photos and the second time suggesting to reinforce USA democracy through right to correct information.
  7. Letter to that time Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal: A team of former ministers Dip Kumar Upadhyay and Rajendra Shrestha, Dr. Arzu Deuba Rana, Dr. Kavitaram Shrestha and others submitted Movement letter to that time Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal in August 2010 suggesting Nepal government through diplomatic missions to correct course books with wrong information on Buddha’s birthplace in different countries.
  8. Buddha statues were established in UNESCO Headquarters Paris and at the Peace Palace, the Headquarters of International Court of Justice (ICJ) in Hague, the Netherlands
  9. Buddha gift to that time Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard
  10. Buddha gift to Norwegian Nobel Institute Director in February 2014
  11. Lumbini Gate Movement by student initiated in February 2012
  12. Historic 24 and 25 hours program on Buddha and Lumbini:were organised
  13. International Literary Festival focusing on Buddha was organised in December 2014
  14. Solidarity for world peace and interaction program conducted in Norway in December 2013
  15. Letter to Greater Lumbini Development National Steering Committee Coordinator former PM Pushpa Kamal Dahal through former PM Dr. Baburam Bhattarai suggesting to form Greater Lumbini Development International Steering Committee ASAP under the chairmanship of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.
  16. Letter to Ministerial Council Khil Raj Regmi on Zee TV produced film “Buddha” to correct misconception
  17. Pressure to Fareed Zakaria and PBS (made up of more than 350 local public noncommercial TV stations and reaches more than 115 million people each month through on-air and online content) to correct their products with wrong information.
  18. Felicitation: Former Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, former Minister Deep Kumar Upadhyaya, former ambassador Kamal Prasad KoiralaK, journalists Chetan Pant and Nabin Pokharel, Ambassador appointed to Bhikkshu Magar, Aryal Saroj, DID Little Masters Teriya Magar, Manoj Gajurel, Pramod Kharel, Dhiraj Rai, Jeevan Sharma, Badri Pangeni, HE Prem Raja Mahat, Sunita Basnet, Nilesh Adhikari, Shree Kumar Shrestha, Rtr Key Shore Kuikel, Alpha Shrestha, Sabita Bhatta (Sabi Kali), Aarya Pokharel. ( Laxmi Pokhrel’s daughter). As Friends of Nepal: Brad Clarke, Graeme Kent, National Finalist at Miss World Australia / Ambassador at Festivals of South Asia Inc. Rashi Kapoor, Executive at Miss Sri Lanka Australia Savindhi Perera-Jainudeen (Sav Jainudeen), Miss Photographic for Miss Sri Lanka Australia 2015 Sara Liyanage, President Aus-Lanka Business Council and Managing Managing Director Miss Sri Lanka Australia Dilkie Perera.

Future Plan:

Our maximum effort will be to correct erroneous text books in more countries.

We handed over 3’ tall 50 kg of weight Buddha statues to Nepal government to send to Australia. The statue will be established in Nepali Community Center Melbourne.

In our felicitation list: ambassadors HE Ram Mani Pokharel, HE Muktinath Bhatta, HE Ambika Manandhar Luintel, former ambassador Mohan Krishna Shrestha,  Prof. Kwaak Young Hoon, Prof. Rabin Coningham, Kosh Prasad Acharya.

We are optimistic to have your continuous support in the future too to achieve the Movement goals.


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