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Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on February 25, 2012

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By Gabriel Lafitte

Among Tibetans and their supporters worldwide, Nepal evokes dread. The news out of Nepal is invariably bad. The 20,000 Tibetan refugees in settlements are prisoners, unable to move freely, unable to obtain certification of their refugee status, unable to find employment or get an education, stigmatized and excluded. They may not publicly vote, protest or even hold religious celebrations of the birthdays of their most revered lamas.

China’s power over Nepal extends to equipping and financing the armed forces to patrol the border with Tibet, to apprehend Tibetans using the only route of escape. China’s ability to get the Nepali army to do its security work is aided by the willingness of Nepali politicians to be seduced by the largesse of China’s aid program, no strings attached, no accountability auditing of where the money went. From the outside, it seems that Nepal, riven by revolution, is agreed on only one thing, right across the spectrum, from Maoists to royalists: no-one likes the Tibetans.

It is not just the elite that is prejudiced. The Tibetans, like the landless urban poor in the Kathmandu slums along the riverbanks, are considered sukumbasi, a term so broad it includes all the excluded, the displaced, landless, unacknowledged refugees, with no means of subsistence, suspected of thievery, gold smuggling and an inclination for criminality. Sukumbasi are feared and sneered at, especially by the upper caste Bahun Hindus who depict them as dangerous outsiders, despoilers, polluters of the rivers, a threat to the nation. The slum dwellers are seen as puppets of the Maoists, a rent-a-mob willing to swarm into the city on command to fill rallies with their shouts. The sukumbasi are said to have toppled the king, and that behind the scenes, they are tools of foreign meddlers or get undeserved help from NGOs. Read the rest of this entry »

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What do you think about $3b Lumbini Project? What could be your suggestion on this project?

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on November 3, 2011

This discussion question was raised in Nepal Development Forum and the full discussion is posted here for readers’ information.

What do you think about 3 billion dollar Lumbini Project? What could be your suggestion on this project?

If you are not aware about this project visit: and and also available in and

3 months ago

Govinda ThapaBhavana Rana and 3 others like this


Govinda ThapaBhavana Rana and 3 others like this


Pramod Shrestha • This amount should be considered as a big opportunity . First of all, there is no doubt, we will be utilized in developing infrastructures, hospitality. International Airprt, high class hotel and services will be among them. Everyone knows the concept is to develop Lumbini as a buddhist pilgrim city with all modern facilities for guest. We should be a

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Ramesh Chandra Adhikari • Very exciting and necessary project to enhance our tourism business.

There will be so many obstacles in implementation. By the result we wont get outcome within time frame and with good quality. If any project does not complete with designed quality within desired time frame that project will not be considered as successful project.There may arise vested interests from different groups like local community, political parties and so many others in extended time. So if the project starts we may need to spend some time to be as watch dog for constructing agency and aware local community not to obstacle the project.As we are aware that these days most of our big projects have been affected mostly by local communities and groups.To discourage them our input may be needed.I think in this context we can contribute something from our side.

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Ram Kumar  Shrestha

Ram Kumar Shrestha • This is the comment from Kapilvastu Day Movement blog ( link: for you kind information: Suman said

June 25, 2011 at 10:22 am
…. …..$3b project in Nepal… is a huge amount… trains and Buddhist’s main holy place……oh! Tourism ….development….
This is called a DEAL…..!!!! thanks to every body who made such big effort……
$3B is a huge amount…..i am working in $3b project……making new city project… I know how big this amount is……..all Nepalese will know…..power of money and instant change….
Hope we can make WORLD’s BEST tourist place on earth…..we need more such big projects……in the future…..

3 months ago

Govinda Thapa • I am extremely positive towards this proposal. Neither we nor any other friendly country or international agency could do it more than last half century. China has been providing billions of dollar to Africa and other countries. China on the otherhand has not any territorial interest in Nepal. While India does not hesitate to claim Lumbini of its own and in fact it has been doing so also. Therefore, if China comes forward to develop Lumbini as a modern Buddhist hub like Mecca Madina for muslims and Vetican for christians, we should welcome it without any hitch.

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Ram Kumar  Shrestha

Ram Kumar Shrestha • Yes Govindajee, India faking Lumbini and if you have not gone through this clip pls have a look: Government is responsible to deal with this issue, but government is not serious with its duties and, hence, Kapilvastu Day Movement was started. Even after submitting letter to the Prime Minister ( government doing nothing. May be soon the Movement will submit another letter to the government. This $3b project is, therefore, very important to catalyze dismissing the misinformation created by India.

3 months ago

Rajendra UPRETI • Yes, India is faking Lumbini, people living in the boarder area are suffering; as Chadkya says ‘your neighbour is your enemy but your neighbour neighbour is your friend’ ; We are under such situation due to our poor political mechanism that India can say anything..!! regarding the project in Lumbini.. Look at Pashupati Nath Area Development Fund; amount of money and amount of work; Everyone is corrupted in this country.. and Lumbini with this fund makes another example.. and I reckon that one day; India will come up with such Evidence that prove Buddha was born there because of our carelessness then we have lost a lot especially while Department of Archaeology was sleeping and rich countries know the value. No one has seen the history but the evidence prove and we are so incompetent to preserve anything that we have.

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Ram Kumar  Shrestha

Ram Kumar Shrestha • Friends who are not aware about Kapilvastu Day Movement these links could be beneficial (specially first two as they have lots of relevant links):

3 months ago

Govinda Thapa • In this case GON will not be the implementing agency. China will not give the money to the hand of Nepalese authorities. They are very clear on the fact that Nepalese may misuse the fund. So they themselves will develop the area by using their own money. So there is no chance of misuse of money by Nepalis. But the problem is that India will create problem in one way or the other to prevent this project from being materialized. They will even try their best to topple this government, which is positive to this project and place the government that serves Indian interests. Media is reporting that India has already raised its eyebrow about this project. Be sure that India will not remain quiet without disturbing it. They will not allow China to come closer to the Border.

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Sita Bhandari • Amicable step from china…Definitely, will open up huge tourism avenue in Nepal as an attractive tourist destination …though the project may have some complications but will be a landmark for the prosperity of Nepal on its completion..May be wise if we plan proactively for other opportunity we can trap therein… Read the rest of this entry »

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UN supports APECF’s Lumbini plan: Xiao Wunan

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on September 14, 2011


There has been great excitement, debate and controversy about the plans of the Asia Pacific Exchange and Cooperation Foundation (APECF) to mobilize investment of US$3 billion for the development of Lumbini as a Special Development Zone (SDZ). Purna Basnet caught up with Xiao Wunan, executive vice-chairman of APECF in Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong last Friday to shed more lights on the issue.


What is the current position of the Lumbini plan?

It is in the planning stage. Some reports said China is investing US$3 billion but without a feasibility study no one can invest such a big amount. We will hire a professional team for planning, which will take about one year. We hope that will happen faster but it will certainly take at least six months. APECF needs a concrete idea to come to Lumbini. APECF signed the MoU with UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Beijing, for feasibility study. UNIDO is a consultant for planning and framework designer of the project.

Was a MoU actually signed with UNIDO?

Yes, but there has been some misunderstanding and distortion in this regard. The misunderstanding was that UNIDO would get a slice of the profits. But that’s not the case; UNIDO was acting as a consultant for planning.

But the UNIDO headquarters refused to recognize the MoU. What is your take on that?

I cannot answer this question on the record.

Don´t you think that the MoU signed by APECF and UNIDO in Beijing is against Nepal’s national sovereignty?

It is a part of the process. When we wanted to do this project, we needed to get the approval of Nepal. Before signing the MoU with UNIDO, I met more than 10 members of the cabinet of Nepal, including the finance and deputy prime minister and culture minister. UNIDO as a consultant was advising us on whether or not to go ahead with this project and how to carry it out.

We hired five organizations, among them a famous US think tank, to study the possibility of this project and a bank to advise us on the investment risks. So, before all these study reports come out, we would not know what the political, economic and social risks are. The MoU was signed just for feasibility study. Lumbini belongs to Nepal and Nepali people are going to benefit from it. So this is not against Nepal´s national sovereignty. Read the rest of this entry »

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At Buddha’s birthplace: A Chinese development proposal causes disbelief

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on August 22, 2011

Readers’ comments

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CleanThought wrote:
Aug 18th 2011 11:33 GMT

3B may be big amount for Nepal but given the gravity of urge to put the livelihood of people living in a place where a philosophy of eternal peace and civilization took its birth some 2560 years ago is not enough. Apple corporation has 80B cash in hand, worlds most valuable company on the otherhand US treasury and government is bailed by China! If 3B is real from China to Lumbini, so what? Have writer been to Lumbini? Or Nepal? Nepal is Chinas immidate neighbor! Buddhim is China’s national religion too!

Water flows downward because of gravity which is natural force! Money flows towards where there is opportunity! Where is oppurnity? In a island where people do not ware sleepers? It’s an attitude driven by prespective of gain or interest or gratitude! Who on the earth is largest trade partner with US and India, China? Then why so big huha from India (if there is any) if China aims to be largest trade partner to Nepal too! It’s India’s problem they did not had enough time to regard their neighbor’s best along with their economic prosperity! India’s rulers from past 20 years or more thought its government officers expatriate childrens earned money, transferred skills and network management is only biggest job for them! India suppose to lead in it’s varried roles in all fronts with it’s neighbor in South Asia as per expectation from the globe, could not delivered. Simply no serious thought given on formulating and improving policy towards its neighbor. Just lost in the greed of few administrative diplomat’s parrot taught old school of thought left by British India so called India’s foreign policy!

Frankly people from India and Nepal are far ahead in awareness than the leaders from there! All know India do not have any foreign policy with US, China or Nepal on the other and all know China have serious vision for US, India and Nepal. And all rest of the world including Africa. Read the rest of this entry »

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What happened to the dream of a Buddhist Mecca?

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on July 21, 2011

By Sanjaya Dhakal

In the hot, dusty plains of south-western Nepal sits Lumbini, one of the holiest places for about 350 million Buddhists

Some monasteries have been built at Lumbini - but the master plan for its development remain incomplete

around the world.

Centuries ago a baby was born in Lumbini who went on to become the Buddha and many have long cherished plans that Lumbini could be developed into a Buddhist destination, comparable to Mecca, Islam’s holiest site.

But now buildings sit half-finished and empty fields lie neglected. More than a decade after Unesco designated it a World Heritage Site, Lumbini runs the risk of slipping into obscurity and promises to transform the site remain unfulfilled.

The most recent announcement was made by a Chinese group called the Asia Pacific Exchange and Co-operation Foundation, which declared it would raise $3bn (£1.9bn) to develop Lumbini by constructing airports, highways and hotels.

Continue reading the main story


  • Located in the south-western Nepali plains 300km from Kathmandu and very close to India’s border
  • Birthplace of Siddhartha Gautama, probably around 566BCE, who later become the Buddha
  • Designated a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1997
  • Surrounded by large zone in which only monasteries can be built and no commercial premises
  • The site has a number of ancient ruins of monasteries, a sacred Bo Tree and a bathing pool – more is yet to be excavated

But both the Nepalese or Chinese government authorities claim to be in the dark about the grandiose scheme. The group insists that it is preparing a five-year plan to implement their idea of “developing Lumbini like a Mecca city”.

Yet it is unclear what stage the proposals are at and whether they will truly see the light of day.

Another Chinese organisation has proposed building a 100-metre-tall statue of the Buddha in Lumbini at a cost of more than $55m (£35m). The Nepal government has accepted this proposal but the groundwork is yet to begin. Read the rest of this entry »

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