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Buddha is Synonymous With Nepal (Faith Never Fades Away)

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on August 14, 2010

News Blaze By Kamala Prasai*

The best-seller book, “The Post American World” by Dr. Fareed Zakaria, published in 2008, recently created controversy among the Buddhist community throughout the world.

Dr. Zakaria’s distortion of the fact that Buddha was born in India offended Nepali people. Dr. Zakaria holds a Ph. D. from Harvard. He received his doctorate in Political Science under renowned Professor Samuel P. Huntington and was enlightened by another renowned Professor Stanley Hoffman.

Dr. Zakaria is an editor and regular Newsweek columnist whith 24 million readers. Dr. Zakaria hosts a show on CNN called, “International Affairs Program”. He offers on a regular basis, his writings on foreign affairs. There is much more to him. If a man of his standing misleads readers on important subjects he may have some other intent in his mind and that might be a very ill-motivated one.

Intellectuals think Dr. Zakaria’s intention is to create fissures between Hindus and Buddhists and between the people of two countries, India and Nepal and for instability in the South Asian region to fuel some psychological fear to the Chinese establishment. Read the rest of this entry »

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