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Final Master Vision Plan of Lumbini World Peace City Unveiled

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on June 27, 2014

Kwak 1

June 27, Lumbini: Final Master Vision Plan to develop Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha, as the World Peace City (Lumbini Vishwa Shanti Nagrama) with an estimated budget of nearly 762 million USD was unveiled by Urban Planner and Designer Professor Kwaak Young Hoon today in a symposium amid the major stakeholders in Buddha Maya Garden Hotel, Lumbini.

Lumbini World Peace City Master Vision

Ms. HaengLan Jo, the Residential Representative of KOICA Nepal Office in her welcome remark welcomed all participants and thanked for their presence. She also congratulated Prof. Kwaak and his KRIS team for preparing wonderful design to develop Lumbini into world peace city.

Lumbini VSNVice Chairman of Lumbini Development Trust (LDT) Acharya Karma Sangbo Sherpa highly appreciated the Lumbini Master Vision Plan prepared by Prof. Kwaak. He said that the plan was environmentally sustainable and practically applicable because of land pulling policy introduced in plan for land acquisition.

According to Prof. Kwaak, the plan covers five by five miles or 6,400 hectares land with Asoka pillar as the centre. The main attraction of the plan is its lotus-shaped design. The design is inspired by the philosophical significance of the lotus flower underlying in Buddhist principles and teachings. The lotus has ability to bloom in muddy waters; the muddy water is meant for a materialistic world full of sufferings while its blossom is regarded as the state of enlightenment in Buddhism.

To pursue the heart and spirit of Buddhism, the overall area has been divided into four zones namely; Buddha, Dharma, Sangha and Upasaka with lush forest area and abundance of greenery. The design incorporates the eight noble paths in theme and concedes to the socio-physical, eco-natural, socio-economic, historic-cultural, visuo-aesthetic and mind-spiritual elements in each of the cities. Combined together, these zones will form the Peace and Harmony Districts (PHD), the Professor further added.

Canadian architect and planner Jick Kong Chan, Director of Sakyamuni Foundations (SBF) Lai Seow Khee, Chairman of Mainstay Holdings Sdn. Bhd Mr. Terry Teo Swee Leng also opined their valuable ideas and shared their experiences to successfully implement the vision plan.

Member Secretary of LDT Mr. Ajitman Tamang expressed his sincere thanks to all participants. He also appreciated the design of Prof. Kwaak calling it outstanding human creation and a milestone to develop of Lumbini into world peace city.
The participants from the floor Dr. Krishna Neupane, Mr. Omkar Gauchan, Mr. Jit Bahadur Tharu, Mr. Maksud Ali, Mr. Amarika Kahar, Mr. Narendra Mishra, Mr. Sabbir Khan, Ms. Usha KC, and Mr. Jagadhesh Lodh commented on the presentation and advised their options.

The program was conducted by Bikas Rawal, the Manager of KOICA Nepal Office while Mr. Anish Subedi had facilated the program.

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  1. ksherchand said

    Thank you and congratulation ! All the best for this Grand Master Plan Unveiled.

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