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Historic Document: Document that made to change Korean textbooks

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on November 30, 2014

kamal-koiralaMillions of people globally are under the misconception on World Peace Messenger Lord Buddha’s birthplace. This is an injustice that requires correction. The LKD Movement, hence; is giving utmost priority to promoting correct information and we request all relevant person s to support us in this pursuit.

On behalf of the LKD Movement, the Global Coordinator of the Movement had written to that time Prime Minister of Nepal, Madhav Kumar Nepal in August 2010 underlining that correcting textbook erroneous information on Buddha’s birthplace from different countries is most and suggested Nepal government to initiate for this through diplomatic missions.

In December, 2011, Nepal’s Ambassador to Korea, Kamal Prasad Koirala wrote a letter to President Lee Myung-bak requesting him to change the erroneous information in South Korean textbooks regarding the birth place of Lord Buddha. And Korean Government already decided to change its erroneous textbook. We are posing here that historic document.

The diplomatic initiatives taken from the Lumbini-Kapilvastu Day World Campaign has yielded fruit regarding the correction of misinformation about Lord Buddha’s birthplace in Swedish textbooks. And now we need to spread this mission in other countries. 




45The Movement already felicitated former ambassador Mr. Koirala.

KP Koirala Samman

Kamal Koirala

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